Melina Mercouri (Greek: Μελίνα Μερκούρη), born as Maria Amalia Mercouri (Μαρία Αμαλία; 18 October 1920 – 6 March 1994), was a Greek actress, singer and politician. As an actress she made her film debut in Stella (1955) and met international success with her performances in Never on Sunday, Phaedra, Topkapi and Promise at Dawn. She won the award for Best Actress at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival, and she was also nominated for an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and two BAFTA Awards.

"England and Greece are friends. English blood was shed on Greek soil in the war against fascism, and Greeks gave their lives to protect English pilots.

"Melina Mercouri (Greek: Μελίνα Μερκούρη, born Maria Amalia Mercouri) (Athens, Greece, October 18, 1920 – New York City, March 6, 1994) was an Academy Award nominated Greek actress, singer, and political activist. She was a member of the Hellenic Parliament, and in 1981 she became the first female Minister for Culture in Greece."

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Μελινα Μερκουρη- Melina Merkouri: A Myth, an Icon, a Stylish and unique Woman.

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In the year of her first film, Stella, Melina Merkouri Greek actress, style icon and politician.

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Melina Mercouri (October 1920 - March photographed by Slim Aarons sitting at a street cafe in Athens.

Melina Mercouri (b. October 18, 1920 ~ d. March 6, 1994)

Melina Mercouri Greek actress, icon and politcian. A classic Greek setting.

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