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Custom Made Sound King Tube Amplifier by Siegmund Guitars & Amplifiers…


The famous Air Tight stereo amplifier. Triode vacuum tubes deliver 8 watts per channel into 2 channels. USD about depending on tube choice.

most popular vacuum tube is the triode

The basic triode vacuum tube has three parts—the cathode in the middle, the grid that surrounds it, and the anode beyond that. Pins deliver electrical charges to these various parts. Via Electronic Design

Building Your Own Tube Amp

Building Your Own Tube Amp Ambitious title, eh ? Well the intent of this article is to lay

DIY: Tube Amplifier Kit Build (In Recycled Box), Part 1

That's right kiddies (or kitties), it is time for another fun DIY! Now if you check back a few posts, you might start to notice that analog audio is a little hobby that we indulge in every now and again


MEIXING MINGDA Integrated vacuum tube amplifier push 845 single-ended Class A amplifier