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History of the India-Pakistan Border
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History of the India-Pakistan Border | Geography Education

The weird, violent history of the Indo-Pakistani border. Geography rarely makes sense without the added lens of history. This fantastic article chonicles the history of the geopolitical conflict between India and Pakistan, centering on the disputed Kashmir region. This border is tied into colonial, cultural, political and religious layers of identity. As one of the great unresolved issues of the colonial era, this standoff may loom large as India becomes increasingly significant on the…

Where is America’s Debt? -
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Where is America’s Debt? - | Geography Education

A look at the countries who hold the bulk of US national debt. This is a grim infographic.

The Invisible Borders That Define American Culture

The Invisible Borders That Define American Culture | Geography Education

The Invisible Borders That Define American Culture

U.S. Intelligence Says Water Shortages Threaten Stability

U.S. Intelligence Says Water Shortages Threaten Stability | Geography Education

"Competition for increasingly scarce water in the next decade will fuel instability in regions such as South Asia and the Middle East that are important to U.S. national security, according to a U.S. intelligence report." Geographic thinking is about uncovering the spatial connections between issues that on the surface might not seem related. Multinational river basins are a perfect example of environmental resources that demand international cooperation for successful management, and it…

Crowdsourcing an Israeli-Palestinian Border
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Crowdsourcing an Israeli-Palestinian Border | Geography Education

A new interactive tool allows you to decide how many Israeli settlers to annex and what constitutes a viable Palestinian state. This article from the Atlantic is a great introduction to a mapping tool that puts the user at the virtual negotiation table. Peace talk proposals often center around the amount of land that Palestinians want and the Jewish settlements in the West Bank that the Israelis want as a part of the state of Israel. This interactive, titled Is Peace Possible?, allows the…

Global Index of Peace
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Global Index of Peace | Geography Education

A ground-breaking milestone in the study of peace. For the first time, an Index has been created that ranks the nations of the world by their peacefulness and identifies some of the drivers of that peace. The last post showed that national rankings of the states that were the most (and least) peaceful. This is the international version. 1) Iceland 2) New Zealand and 3) Japan lead the list while 151) Sudan 152) Iraq and 153) Somalia are at the bottom. Where is the United States on the list?…

Dynamic graphic: Stop Calling Them 'Developed Countries'

Stop Calling Them 'Less Developed Countries' | Geography Education

| Geography Education

The Economics of Sustainability: "The Earth is Full"

The Economics of Sustainability | Geography Education

http://www.ted.com Have we used up all our resources? Have we filled up all the livable space on Earth? Paul Gilding suggests we have, and the possibility of... <br/>This provocatively title TED talk would be an excellent resource for discussing sustainable development. What are the economic, environmental, political and cultural ramifications of suggested policies that seek to lead towards sustainable development? What are the ramifications of not changing policies towards sustainable…

Africa’s Population Surge
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Africa’s Population Surge | Geography Education

At current growth rates, sub-Saharan Africa, which now makes up 12 percent of the world’s population, will account for more than a third by 2100. Africa is the world's fastest growing region and consequently it is an incredibly young (demographically speaking) region. This video show key reasons (primarily cultural and economic) for the population growth within Africa. How does the demographic transition model apply to Africa?

Gaza-Israel crisis 2012: every verified incident mapped

Gaza-Israel crisis 2012: every verified incident mapped | Geography Education

This map shows each verified incident of violence in Gaza and Israel since last week's assassination of Hamas leader Ahmed al-Jabari. Geospatial technologies combined with social media are changing how we learn about (and wage) wars.

Controversies in Globalization: Team USA's 'Made in China' gear and Romney's connection to Bain's outsourcing

Controversies in Globalization | Geography Education

The Olympic committee and designer came under withering criticism for manufacturing the garments in China. Two current controversies (Team USA clothing being made in China and Mitt Romney's potential involvement as Bain outsourced jobs) are fundamentally about what Americans think about globalization and the impact of globalization on the United States. Globalization is most certainly a mixed bag at every scale. What is intriguing about these controversies is that most Americans see…

What is it like in Syria?
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What is it like in Syria? | Geography Education

This video documents what it want like in the Syrian cities of Homs after brutal governmental crackdowns during the summer of 2012. Warning: this is a real portrayal of war. For more context on the video, see: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/jobs-and-economy/2012/06/scooters-eye-view-wartorn-homs/2356/ | Geography Education

No, a nation’s geography is not its destiny

No, a nation’s geography is not its destiny | Geography Education

One of the most widely accepted alternative theories of world inequality is the geography hypothesis, which claims that the great divide between rich and poor countries is created by geographical differences. This article is an excerpt of the forthcoming book "Why Nations Fail" that should serve as an ideological counterweight to the book "Guns, Germs and Steel." The authors argue that the wealth of a country is most closely correlated with the degree to which the average person shares in…

Somalia's Pirates Face Growing Backlash

Somalia's Pirates Face Growing Backlash | Geography Education

Abshir Boyah, a pirate who says he has hijacked more than 25 ships off the coast of Somalia, says he will give up this career if certain terms are met. What economic, cultural and political circumstances in the 21st century would allow for piracy to exist? What are the impacts of piracy on Somalia?