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Creamy Pistachio & Cacao Tart

5 reviews
2.5 hours

Easy to make creamy pistachio tart with a cacao crust. It's light, creamy and aromatic. Vegan and dairy free with gluten-free option.

How to keep a clean home💕🦋☄️

Chewy Vegan Lemon Cookies

5 reviews
11 minutes

Soft, chewy cookies with the perfect balance of sweet sugar and tart lemon. Only 8 ingredients required, and less than 1 hour from start to finish!

DIY: Reusable Dust Wipes with Lemon Oil | dōTERRA Essential Oils

Lemon oil adds an extra dose of furniture-polishing and cleansing power to these reusable dust wipes.

DIY Dryer Sheets

DIY fabric softener sheets will replace the toxic store-bought ones and leave your laundry feeling just as soft and fresh-smelling. Bonus: saves you money!

Vegan Vanilla Custard Slice - Amy Le Creations

2 reviews

No Bake Vanilla Custard Slice made vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, oil-free, only 8 ingredients and made healthier than the traditional custard slice.

A Guide to The Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants | Collective Gen

You won't be a stranger to my love of plants for aesthetic reasons, but on closer inspection, a lot of my favourites have air quality benefits too.

Easy Homemade Cleaning Wipes

4 reviews

These homemade cleaning wipes are easy to make, create zero waste, and are much healthier for you and the environment - all with 2 simple ingredients!

4 ingredients + 5 steps for homemade nontoxic dryer sheets!

Conventional dryer sheets have a nasty list of negative health effects, but these easy and affordable non-toxic dryer sheets are the perfect alternative!

Easy French-Inspired Tips for Sustainable Living

Practical tips and recipes for living a more sustainable lifestyle, as inspired by the French way of life. Use this green all purpose cleaning recipe, and don't waste any food in your fridge by making this catch-all fritatta!

10 Eco-Friendly Décor Brands That Are Actually Chic

These days, minding your environmental and social impact along with inspired design is easier than ever. Read on for 10 eco-friendly décor brands.

Eco-Friendly Furniture for Sustainable Homes - Zero Waste Nest

One of the beautiful things about furniture is that it’s (generally) designed to last. Unlike say, single-use water bottles or fast fashion garments, you’re likely to have a well-made piece of furniture for many years. Hopefully it will age well, and over time, will begin to look satisfyingly well loved. In fact, a decent piece […]

Create a Zero Waste Kitchen in 6 Easy Steps | The Dharma Trails

Here are some quick and easy ways/swaps that you can make in your zero waste kitchen, today. Some tips are free, some have links to zero waste products.

14 Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic at Home

Want to learn how to use less plastic? These tips will help you reduce plastic waste and start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle today.

Soy Candle Making, the Easy Way

Are you ready to begin soy candle making? Consider these things first to get candle making right the first time!

Eco-Friendly Home Checklists — Old World New

Room by room checklists to create an eco-friendly home, one room and item at a time. Go as slow as you need to go to make a sustainable change.