Papa Dimitri: The Man of God

Father Dimitrios Gagastathis (+1975), was a champion of the Orthodox Faith; a towering prophetic figure; a man of great faith; a man of prayer, whose feet were touching the earth, but whose head reached the heavens. Father Dimitrios, or “Papa-Dimitri” as he was known, lived amidst the problems and cares of everyday life as a married priest (with nine daughters), yet lived like an angel rather than an earthly man.
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Abbot Emilianos: on Papa-Dimitri’s persecutions...

Abbot Emilianos: on Papa-Dimitri’s humility.

About the threat of Communism...

When pressured by the Greek Communists to “preach” for them.

On living the Orthodox Christian Faith...

Papa-Dimitri: The Man of God

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Papa-Dimitri: The Man of God

Papa-Dimitri: The Man of God