Ha Long Bay, Βιετνάμ

Vietnam – im Land der tanzenden Dschunken Halong-Bucht Foto: Lotus Travel

Eaglehawk Neck, Τασμανία

View of the Aurora from the unique tesselated pavement rock formation in Tasmania.

Το σπήλαιο των κρυστάλλων, Naica, Μεξικό

Journey to the Center of the Earth The ten most beautiful crystal caves ~ Random Sweet Science

Το πέτρινο δάσος, Κίνα

sixpenceee: Shilin Stone Forest, ChinaPart of the South China.

Η λίμνη με τα στίγματα, Βρετανική Κολούμπια

Spotted Lake, Canada As the water evaporates from this lake near Osoyoos, British Columbia, minerals are left behind in a strange lily pad pattern of circles, which make the lake look entirely.

Caño Cristales, Κολομβία

"The colorful waters of Caño Cristales, Colombia" The article has 12 of "the world's most colorful natural wonders" but this one alone stopped my breath. Only reason it's not on my color board is because I think it can inspire so much more.

Côte D’albâtre, Γαλλία

Côte D’albâtre, Γαλλία