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an owl sitting on top of a tree branch with yellow eyes and brown beaks
Owls In Michigan: How To Spot And Identify All 11 Species
There are over 10,000 known species of birds in the world. Yet, researchers believe the true number is much larger than that. There are about 250 species of owls in the world, but only eleven owls live in the state of Michigan. Whether you live in Michigan or are visiting, there are plenty of places to spot owls. Check out some of the game lands and parks for the best viewing at Outforia's latest article.
a small monkey sitting on top of a cement wall with the words all about barbary macque above it
Meet The Barbary Macaque
Barbary macaques are unique primates found north of the Sahara Desert in Morocco. An isolated population can also be found in Gibraltar. These primates live in mid to high-altitude environments in extremely hot and cold temperatures. The Barbary macaque is endangered! Let’s take a closer look at the Barbary macaque, including its behaviors, lifestyle, conservation status, and more! Read Outforia's latest article now.
a penguin standing on gravel with the words cute animals over it's left side
55 Cute Animals That’ll Make You Smile
Aside from your usual cute and cuddly puppies, kittens, and other adorable house pets, there are so many other cute animals out there in the wild! You might be very familiar with some of the cute animals on this list, while others are pretty unique and less known. Here are some of the cutest animals, in no specific order, found all around the world! Check Outforia's latest article right now.
an eagle flying in the sky with text overlay that reads types of vultures
23 Types Of Vultures
Despite this, vultures are one of the most common birds in the world. They also play an essential role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Vultures live on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. There are 23 species of vultures. These can be divided into two categories: Old World vultures and New World vultures. To know more about these types of vultures, check Outforia's latest article.
a shark swimming in the ocean with text that reads do sharks have bones?
Do Sharks Have Bones?
Do sharks have bones? No matter the size or shape, there is one thing every shark has in common: they don’t have bones. So, if they don’t have bones, what do they have? Do they gain anything from not having bones, or is it a hindrance? In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more. Check Outforia's latest article for more.
a fox in the middle of a field with text that reads are foxes canines?
Are Foxes Canines Or Felines?
Foxes– you know them, you love them. They have the broadest range of land mammals and live on every continent except Antarctica. But what exactly are they? Are foxes canines? Foxes are canines, through and through. Let’s take a closer look at why foxes are canines and if anything sets them apart from their canine relatives.
an advertisement for sharks in the ocean with information about their species and how long they live
How Long Do Sharks Live?
harks are long-living formidable predators that rule the ocean. But have you ever wondered, how long do sharks live? Well, that all depends on their species. Most shark species live for about 20-30 years. Still, some can live significantly longer than that. Take a look at 12 of the most popular and longest-lived species of sharks in the ocean today. We’ll also explore where sharks live, and how long they can survive without food. Keep reading for more!
an info sheet describing what to eat for monkeys
What Do Monkey's Eat? All About A Monkey's Diet
Monkeys are one of the most intelligent animals, and when it comes to their food, they actually eat more than just bananas. Check out Outforia's article to learn more about what monkeys eat and their omnivorous diet.
what do jellyfish eat? poster with information about the different types of jellyfish
What do Jellyfish Eat? Just About Anything They Can!
Jellyfish are one of the simplest animals on the planet. They have no heart, brain, and even blood. But what do jellyfish eat? Check out Outforia's latest article to learn more about jellyfish diets and how they get their food.
how long do elephants live? info sheet with pictures of african elephants and other animals
How Long Do Elephants Live? Let's Find Out
Elephants are intelligent and fascinating creatures. They are also the largest animals on land. But how long do elephants live? How do humans affect them? Check out Outforia's latest article to learn more about elephants' lifespans and the factors that impact their lives.
an electric poster with instructions on how to use the electrical plugs and wires in your home
How Do Electric Eels Work?
Electric eels are large fish that can produce up to 600 volts of electricity. They will consistently emit electricity even when they're not hunting. So how can they do that? Check out Outforia's latest article to know more about how electric eels work and if they can shock you.
an info sheet describing the different types of sea animals
All About The Mimic Octopus
The mimic octopus is a highly intelligent and bewildering creature that can mimic the color and traits of other species, such as lionfish and flatfish, to trick and deter predators. Check out Outforia's latest article to know more about these amazing species and the different species it can copy.
an info sheet describing how long do lobsters live
How Long Do Lobsters Live? Are They Really Immortal?
Lobsters are found in almost every ocean. They spend most of their lives on the ocean floor, hiding in rocks along the sea floor. But how long do lobsters live? Check out Outforia's latest article to learn more about a lobster's lifespan.
a poster with an image of bats and the words what makes bats do you know?
Are Bats Mammals?
Some people think bats are birds, but did you know that they're the only mammals capable of true flight? Check out Outforia's latest article and learn why bats are not birds and the characteristics they have that make them mammals.
what do elephants eat? info poster
What Do Elephants Eat? All About An Elephant's Diet
Elephants are one of the biggest animals in the world and you might wonder what these gentle giants eat in the wild. Fun fact, their teeth are different and can't rip through meat! Check out Outforia's latest article to learn what elephants eat and how much food take every day.