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an angel with the words types of angels in the bible on it and above it
Types of Angels in the Bible
There are four types of angels explicitly mentioned in the Bible: cherubim, seraphim, living creatures, and archangels. There may also be other types based on interpretations of other Bible passages. Learn more about these creatures and what the Bible says about angels here.
seashells on the beach with text that reads 5 lessons from the parable of the pearl of great price
5 Lessons from the Parable of the Pearl of Great Price
The parable of the pearl of great price is a short parable that Jesus tells about the kingdom of God. This parable tells us how much God loves us, how much we are worth, and how much the kingdom of heaven is worth. #biblestudy #parablesinthebible
a hand holding a globe with the words creative prayer stations to pray for the kingdom of god
Creative Prayers for the Kingdom of God - Out Upon the Waters
Creative Prayers for the Kingdom of God - Out Upon the Waters
a dolphin swimming in the ocean with text overlay that reads, 7 life lessons from the book of jonah
7 Life Lessons from the Book of Jonah
We can learn several lessons from the story of Jonah and the whale, centered on God's mercy, his sovereignty, and his challenge to us and care for us. Jonah gives us a surprising picture of a prophet who does the opposite of what he is supposed to do, and still is used in God's plan for restoration and redemption. #jonahandthewhale #lessonsfromjonah #jonahinthebible
the words, what does the bible say about guardian angels?
What does the Bible say about guardian angels?
Angels in the Bible are described as guardians, protectors, and guides, as well as messengers. Guardian angels in the Bible are said to guard human beings and keep them safe. Here are some Bible verses about guardian angels.
the printable bible bookmarks are shown in three different colors and sizes, with text below
Free Psalm 23 Printable Bookmarks
Download these free Psalm 23 printable bookmarks and keep this comforting and inspiring Psalm close to your heart. Includes floral Bible verse bookmarks and minimalist, nature-inspired bookmarks.
the lord's prayer bracelet and keychain craft for kids with instructions on how to make it
The Lord's Prayer Bracelet and Keychain Craft for Kids
This cute beaded bracelet and keychain craft is the perfect way to teach kids to pray the Lord's prayer. Teach children to pray as Jesus taught us. Includes color coded beading instructions and a free printable card and bookmark with instructions and prayer prompts. Great for Sunday school, homeschool, the classroom, or at home. #sundayschoolcrafts #prayercrafts #howtopray #kidsprayer #thelordsprayer #ourfather #prayerbeads
a mother holding her child in the middle of a field with text overlay that reads 15 powerful stories of mothers in the bible
15 Powerful Stories of Mothers in the Bible
There are many stories of mothers in the Bible. Here are 15 stories of women who took risks, demonstrated great faith, were met in times of suffering, experienced blessings, and inspired those around them. These stories include Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Rachel and Leah, Rebekah, Hannah, Rahab, Ruth, Mary, Elizabeth, and more. #womeninthebible #mothersinthebible #mothersday #biblestudy
two printable worksheets for kids with the text free printable golden rules
Free Printable Golden Rule Worksheet for Kids
Use this free printable worksheet to teach children about the Golden Rule: Love your neighbor as yourself (or treat others the way you want to be treated). Makes a perfect Bible activity page, Sunday school lesson, activity placemat, or game to play. Includes a wordsearch, maze, reflection question, word scramble, and coloring. Great for church, the classroom, home school, or just for fun.
a handwritten verse from the one who sees me on parchment paper with watercolor background
“The God Who Sees Me”: 4 Big Things We Learn from Hagar and Ishmael in the Bible
"The God Who Sees Me": 4 Big Things We Learn from Hagar and Ishmael in the Bible - Out Upon the Waters