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a collage of photos with coffee mugs and qr code
@tetelouisefotografia: Aproveitando o dia chuvoso, o clima cinza, compartilho hoje o Filtro BrancoNevado. Para quem gosta de um feed mais branquinho, limpo, sem muitas cores fortes, sem muito contraste, esse é o filtro certo para isso. Espero que gostem tanto quanto eu. O aplicativo para uso do filtro é o Polarr, é gratuito. Qualquer dúvida podem me chamar inbox ok?! Bom final de semana a todos!!! #Polarr
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Lonely Together Polarr Filter by Dara
two pictures one with a qr code and the other with an image of a boy
Tae polarr kod
two pictures one with pink hair and the other with white hair, both have qr code
an image of the sky and stars with qr code to read it's name
pin x noellemnguyen | filter created by winterchild on polarr
two pictures of the same woman with different facial expressions
in which i give you my polarr filters. #diversos # Diversos # amreading # books # wattpad
the qr code for an instagram page on what appears to be a photo
a woman sitting on the ground next to a car and a qr code image
Polarr Filter- S1
a woman with long blonde hair and purple eyes is shown in two different pictures, one has
two different images of a woman's face and the same image of her
Polarr filter QR code #polarrcode #polarrfilter #polarrQR