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Grade 2 Math Number Excellent way to conceptually teach subtraction with regrouping. (Borrowing a bundle of tens) Math Strategies, Math Resources, Math Activities, Subtraction Strategies, Math Games, Math Lesson Plans, Math Lessons, Math Skills, Math Subtraction

Popsicle Stick Regrouping Fun

Objectives: Learning and practising regrouping Print examples of regrouping in student math journals Learn term names: minuend take away subtrahend equals difference/answer (for subtraction) and addend plus addend equals sum/answer (for addition) Materials for each group … View Full Lesson →

Five For Friday: Number Bonds & Bar Models Math Classroom, Kindergarten Math, Teaching Math, Algebra, Eureka Math, Singapore Math, Primary Maths, Math Addition, Second Grade Math

Making Lemonade in Second Grade

I was having the hardest time teaching this concept to my class last week... until one of my coworkers suggested having the students use a highlighter to...

Teachable Moments: Shake Rattle Drop and Friends of Ten freebie Math Strategies, Math Resources, Math Activities, Ten Frame Activities, Math Classroom, Kindergarten Math, Teaching Math, Math Stations, Math Centers

Shake Rattle Drop and Friends of Ten

We have been practicing our addition and friends of ten this week. I came up with a quick way to play shake rattle drop all on the one page. If you have never played Shake Rattle Drop, you need a ten frame (or this sheet) and ten double sided counters. You also need something to record with. Shake the counters in your hands, and drop onto the page. We always place the red counters first and yellow sides sencond. Write down the Friends of Ten! Go and fill the recording sheet up! It is great…

idea for creating a number sentence search to practice basic facts.Great idea for creating a number sentence search to practice basic facts. Math Classroom, Kindergarten Math, Teaching Math, Math Resources, Math Activities, Fun Math, Singapore Math, Math Addition, Addition Games

Math Sentence Search Puzzle

Natalie has been working on addition and subtraction in her Singapore 1A Math workbook. She did a page last week that she really loved – it was like a word search, but she was searching for addition and subtraction math sentences (equations). I am always looking for new ways to make math fact practice less tedious, and this math sentence search is a good one.

good intro at beginining of year to show a ten frame always has ten no matter what the object! ten frame activities - using different manips with ten frame for the teens. I like how she has "stations" at each table where they use a different manip. Teaching Teen Numbers, Numbers Kindergarten, Kindergarten Fun, Math Numbers, Preschool Math, Math Classroom, Teaching Math, Teaching Ideas, Ten Frame Activities

Comparing Numbers 15-20 on Ten Frames

We started our lesson by identifying numbers and using the students as manipulatives on our ten frames I taped off on the floor. Once they organized themselves on the ten frames, we practiced making one/two more/less and identifying the new number. Then students went to the tables where I had put ten frames mats, manipulatives, and a number. They had to represent that number on their ten frames. While they were doing that, I worked with one table making one/two more/less and comparing the…

Ten Frame Math -- great for practicing number sense and learning to subitize numbers. use with paint dotters Math Classroom, Kindergarten Math, Teaching Math, Math Worksheets, Math Resources, Math Activities, Therapy Activities, Singapore Math, Math Numbers

Ten Frame Math

Use these Ten Frame practice pages to teach or reinforce counting, counting on, addition, and finding missing addends. They helped some of my struggling 1st graders gain better number sense and problem solving. These pages are aligned with these Common Core Math Standards: 1.OA.1 1.OA.4 1.OA.5 1.O...

First grade math unit 3 addition to 10 развивашки математика Kindergarten Math Worksheets, Math Resources, Teaching Math, In Kindergarten, Math Activities, Math Strategies, Math Math, 1st Grade Math, First Grade

First Grade Math Unit 3 Addition to 10 (Fun Games, Worksheets, Activities!)

Addition to 10 differentiated worksheets that show addition in so many different ways! Perfect! Ten frames to help students visualize the numbers they're adding

Worksheets ten frame worksheets kindergarten penguin 10 frames kinderland c Kindergarten Fun, Kindergarten Worksheets, Math Activities, Winter Activities, Christmas Activities, Math Games, Addition Worksheets, Math Addition, Simple Addition

December FUN-Filled Learning with NO PREP!

Reindeer Ten Frames! Simple math problems with ten frames!

 Choose a number, write it in the middle box. Kids search vertically, horizontally and diagonally to find addends that equal the number. Good for numbers It's a great activity for extra math help. Math For Kids, Fun Math, Math Activities, Math Enrichment, Math Classroom, Kindergarten Math, Teaching Math, Teaching Multiplication Facts, Second Grade Math

Free! Number Searches - Addition Facts

Number Searches! Directions: Cut apart the number searches so each student gets one-fourth of the page. Choose a number you want students to find addends for. Write this number in the blank center box. Students can find addends vertically, horizontally or diagonally. (I usually keep the middle num...

Even and Odd domino sort-perfect as a center activity! I think it would be good for fifth grade to have them decide each side (even/odd) add/subtract/multiple and then decide if the answer is even or odd. Discuss with partner using math language. Math Resources, Math Activities, Math Games, Math Strategies, Build Math Centers, 1st Grade Math, Second Grade, Grade 2, Fourth Grade

Two Can Do It

The Official Blog for! We know, different name but it is a small tribute to the school where we first met whose mascot was the toucan! It was there as “toucans” we learned the value of collaboration and teamwork between SLPs and teachers.

Freebie! Penguins Ten Frame Addition Kindergarten Teachers, Math Classroom, Kindergarten Activities, Teaching Math, Preschool, Snow Activities, Therapy Activities, Math Stations, Math Centers

Penguins Ten Frame Addition Matching Game - Common Core

This product contains a matching game as well as a recording worksheet. Students can play this penguin addition matching game to help students become more fluent when adding within 5. Students will match the colored ten frame to the correct number sentence. Students may also fill out the recordin...

Math games - slides and ladders for practicing math facts Go Math, Fun Math Games, Math Activities, Math Games Grade 1, Fluency Games, Math Board Games, Math Enrichment, Logic Games, Game Boards

Slides and Ladders Goes Math!

Odds and ends from a First Grade classroom and more...including teacher tips, activities, and downloads!

A key kindergarten common core math standard is to know what makes Here is a free printable game board to practice recognizing pairs of numbers to equal Math Stations, Math Centers, Math Resources, Math Activities, Classroom Resources, Math Addition, Teaching Addition, Simple Addition, Teaching Math

What Makes 10? - Free Game

This fun game board along with the number cards 0-10 will help students learn the combinations of 10. Players pick a number card and match the combination of 10 on the game board. Players keep advancing along the game board until the first player can make the combination of 2 and 8 for the last circle on the game board. Get your FREE What Makes 10? right here! Along with 0-10 number cards and What Makes 10?- Answer Sheet. For the most updated version of What Makes 10, try here: For more…

Here's a set of recording sheets for working on fact families using dominoes. (can also use this for subtraction and multiplication! Math Strategies, Math Resources, Math Activities, Math Stations, Math Centers, 1st Grade Math, Second Grade, Grade 1, Teaching Math

Dominos Fact Family Activity

This center activity allows kids to practice building fact families using dominos. Thanks for stopping by!! If you enjoy this product, please feel free to visit my Liv to Teach Blog for more fun ideas, follow my store for future updates and freebies, or earn TpT credits for items you download b...