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Eww! Airplane ponytail incident goes viral -

The Day I Went Viral! ❤ His pic of "Airplane Ponytail" incident went viral for Boston Globe columnist Dante Ramos. #PassengersShaming

Eww! Airplane ponytail incident goes viral

This flying stuff...simple really..

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Quotes from people, poetry, literature, comics... - QuoterLand (beta)

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#επιθυμια #ευχη

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Panagiota Aggelopoulou

Funniest animals - Gloria Gaynor Squirrel ...For more funny animal memes visit

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Hilarious College Meme Compilation: Part 4 (31 Photos)

Hilarious College Memes Compilation (31 Photos)


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"Αν κυνηγάς τα όνειρα, πέσε μέσα να με πιάσεις... Αν δεν το κάμεις, αν φοβηθείς, δεν είσαι για μένα... Φύγε... Δε σε συνάντησα ποτέ..." ~αλκυόνη~

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