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a card with an altered clock and flowers on it's side, sitting on a table
Thank you - handmade card - Lemoncraft papers
an altered clock with flowers and butterflies on it is sitting in front of sheet music
Facebook live - Creallies Draaikaart
HobbyVision Creative Crew: Facebook live - Creallies Draaikaart
there is a card that has books and flowers on it with the words i love you
Kartka z motywem książek dla nauczyciela, z okazji dnia edukacji narodowej.
a card with an old fashioned typewriter and flowers on it, sitting on top of a table
a card with some type of artwork on it
Handmade card for you
there is a clock on top of some books
Handmade card
a card with an image of a book and flowers on it, sitting on a table
Handmade card
a wedding card with an image of a bride and groom
Homemade card for wedding, Lemoncraft papers, Sincerity line