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a mailbox in the shape of a hand with a glove on it's head
three wooden sticks with faces painted on them in front of a white fence and trees
50 Creative Mailboxes You Don't See Regularly
multiple images of hamburgers and fries in different stages of being taken from the camera
9GAG - Best Funny Memes and Breaking News
a finger with a face drawn on it and a book in the shape of a hand
293.365 - Finger Day
a smiley face drawn on the side of a white surface with sunlight coming through it
Flickriver: Most interesting photos from Finger people pool
two fingers with faces drawn on them are holding each other's fingers in the air
happy fingers
two fingers with faces drawn on them and one has a sombrero on it
Inseparable by Alephunky on DeviantArt
two fingers are decorated to look like people with cameras
orange finger peoples with cameras
three crocheted skulls are on the fingers of a person's hand, with their mouths open
finger hats crocheted skeletons