Panagiotis kalamaras

Panagiotis kalamaras

Panagiotis kalamaras
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J-Mart: War Chest, Bolphunga the Unrelenting, Goliath, Superboy (Jon Kent) - Page 151

Small Studio Armature - Ready-made Stop Motion Armature from Animation Supplies

The Stop Motion specialists, bringing animation to life

Illustration from BIRDS AS ART [Harris& Hawk, Las Colmenas Ranch, Edinburg, TX, Image copyright Arthur Morris]. A thanks to andlaird& Bookmarks .

Making the frame for your clay puppet for under 15 dollars.

Taller de Curtametraxe e Animación do IES María Soliño. Obradoiro Curtas e Stop Motion: Stop Motion Tutorial: Estructuras para muñecos I also recommend that you just google Puppets blinking eyes

Different way of eye controls

John Wright Modelmaking Ball & Socket Joints

John Wright Modelmaking is a studio based in Bristol specializing in the production of quality models, sets, puppets and props. We also manufacture a range of armatures and ball and socket joints for use within the animation industry.