Panagiotis Skiadas

Panagiotis Skiadas

Panagiotis Skiadas
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Sourdough Yeast Starter | Becorath's Survival

I make homemade bread and other things from scratch. I currently have my own sourdough starter going. ~How to make your own Sourdough yeast starter, includes a great article with the infographic.

1961- fallout shelter #2

Big Steel pipe fallout shelter in the backyard under three feet of earth , Life Above Ground Double Walled Bunker Style Fallout Shelter, Life.

DIY ’100 Hour Candles’

Great diy project for making 100 Hour Burn Time Emergency Candles. What you have to do if fill a mason jar with lamp oil or you can use olive oil.

Tire Sandals: Innovative footwear recycled from old tires.

i wonder if it would be possible to teach the kids in Guatemala this technique for MAKING their shoes. ----Tire Sandals: Innovative footwear recycled from old tires.