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Panos Papagiannis
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Here are some amazing rocks that you will not believe actually exist in the wild, including one that looks exactly like a slice of watermelon Steven universe.

Part of me hesitates to post this because it's so horrific. I don't want to give devils any ideas, but they probably have all the dark ideas they can handle anyway. This is one of the million reasons I can't stand people in general. The 8 Most Painful Torture Devices Of The Middle Ages. A little history lesson…

Ignorant deluded christian morons always quoting john pls learn christian history. Pls ask your pastor about the inquisitions, crusades, raping and pillaging of WHOLE continents causing unimaginable suffering, atrocities never before seen in history.

Installation Aerial par Monika Grzymala :: Tape, patience and imagination Aerial is a facility of the Berlin artist Monika Grzymala, made entirely with a big black tape, she dresses a column and two white walls with incredible dexterity.

Guild Wars 2: Voodoo Female by ~YeeWu on deviantART

Guild Wars 2 - Voodoo Female by DonDon Idea for your character I think it'd look cool on my necromancer