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snorlax variation - Google Search

I really like the trend of Pokemon hybrids, so I wanted to make my own for one of my favorites.

Lilligant crossbreeds by pekou on DeviantArt

Lilligant crossbreeds by pekou. Should get around to drawing some crossbreeds soon!

Megagardevoir Mirror by EvilQueenie on DeviantArt

Mega Gardevoir Gaaaah Mega Gardevoir ~ So pretty, love love love X) They made a pretty pokemon even more beautiful. *Q* Drew them on a mirrored bed of roses.

Gloss is my fav

norwlin: “I decided to start drawing Pokémon variatons/breeds or whatever. I started easy using Vulpix as a first Pokemon. Fun part was naming the breeds!

The 20 Coolest Pokemon Hexafusions

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