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A beautiful necklace for a beautiful you. Our 14k necklaces are all solid gold made with forever in mind. All our ethically sourced jewelry is made with the best possible quality and will never tarnish. So you can style these necklaces differently, every day. Finer Details 10K solid gold: available in yellow Necklace clasp type: spring ring Necklace length: 18" adjustable to 16"


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a hand holding an odd looking bracelet with beads on it's end and a hook in the middle
an orange and blue tie is laying on the ground in front of a brown surface
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a red, white and blue lanyard on a wooden table next to a pair of scissors
#37141 in BraceletBook
several rows of different colored thread spools in a box with some paper on top
Normal pattern #17764 variation #10790
a close up of a beaded bracelet on a white surface with an orange, yellow and blue design
friendship bracelet
three bracelets with different colors and designs on each side, one in the shape of a zigzag
Normal pattern #25162 variation #2018
three bracelets with different colored beads on top of a white surface and the words craft for
Normal pattern #23268 variation #49272
a hand is holding a string that looks like a cross stitch bracelet
Normal pattern #27046 variation #10651
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