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a person is using a vegetable slicer to cut green grapes in a white bowl
30 Best Baby Plates, Cups, Bowls & Utensils
Grape Cutter: OXO Tot What an awesome new mom gift! I can't even tell you how many hours I have spent cutting up grapes!
a person laying in bed with two lights on their feet and one hand reaching for something
150+ Coolest Gadgets for Men
glo nightlight with removable glowing balls for trips to the bathroom
a black and white cat sitting in a hammock next to a potted plant
just some pics.... - kim's page -
Kitty hammock <3
a child's room with alphabets, bookshelves and toy bins
cool idea for baby boy/boy room- all different types & styles of letters. This would be a fun baby shower activity, each person could decorate a letter.
a chandelier made out of branches with lights hanging from it's sides
Craft Hack: DIY Rustic Chandelier
DIY branch chandelier
a campfire on the beach with pillows and blankets
Converse Portrait, Photography, Converse, Lifestyle Photography, Love, Walking Everyday, Life Photography, In Love, Make You Smile
A Beautiful Mess
blue and white buttons in a box with eyes painted on them to look like eyeballs
I love the 'mati' koufeta too cool
an abstract photo with multiple colors and lines on it's side, including the bottom half
Painted rocks
many red strawberries are scattered on a blue surface with white dots in the middle
True Blue Me & You DIYs for Creatives
Stones painted as strawberries when put around strawberry plants in the spring will keep birds from eating your berries when they ripen because the birds will think the ripened berries are stones
a group of stuffed toys sitting on top of a window sill
Barbapapa Stones - Gift Ideas - Creative Spotting
barbapapa! (painted rocks)
colorful painted rocks with designs on them sitting on a black tablecloth in the shape of hearts
Colored Pebbles
some black and white striped balls sitting on the ground next to potted planters
Ticking Fabric
Two thoughts: 1. A grouping of similarly painted rocks looks nice. 2. Paint rocks like pillow ticking. she moves the furniture: June 2010
a white vase with a green plant in it
Stoned Medusa Antique German Bisque Doll Head Air Plant | Etsy
Buste + plante