Marios Papanastasiou

Marios Papanastasiou

Athens / Management cosultant. Investing, marketing, Corporate finance, economics. Bsc marketing, Bsc Economics (expected)MBA specialism Strategicplanning (expected)
Marios Papanastasiou
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Grey, white, a little black and a little bit of wood. Equals a whole lot of gorgeous to me, although I'd love to see a lovely big tree in the corner or a massive bowl of tulips. - To πληρέστερο φορoλογικό, λογιστικό & επιχειρηματικό portal - To πληρέστερο φορoλογικό, λογιστικό & επιχειρηματικό portal

Templar Knight

Cover from the movie Ironclad, starring James Purefoy. Actually a damn good movie considering it never had a major theatrical release.

Knights Templar

History of Teutonic Order of Saint Marys Hospital in Jerusalem- Knights Templar: in battle.