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I love music (jazz, classical & bluegrass most of all), the beach and the mountains. I am an "outdoors man. I post some nude/sexual content.

I was playing with my powers and this came out of one of the flames in my hand... my powers are getting stronger

Mizan has faint tattoos on his arms and back that glow and at times ignite when his temper is triggered or when he's using his pyromancer abilities. Many are grateful for the advance warning of his temper

Skull Design, Human Art, Halloween Art, Skull Art, Dark Art, Bones, Angel S, Skulls, Death, Black Art, Halloween Decorations, Dice

Grimm, Metal Art, Dark Side, Skulls, Aqua Blue, Blind, Bones, Shutter, The Grimm, Skull Art, Metal Yard Art, Pictures, Blinds, Dice

L'Amoureux Skullring (Sterling Silver) By:  www.BookofAlchemy.com

L'Amoureux Skullring (Sterling Silver) By: www.BookofAlchemy.com

Image of Revenant (Silver)

Image of Revenant (Silver)