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Paraskevi Ladopoulou

Paraskevi Ladopoulou
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Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois, black mask (common to Pugs, Mastiffs, Danes, GSDs & Belgian Shepherds) has a quirk that extends the dark/sooty markings to all the extremities (vaguely similar to Siamese cats)

Beautiful @sass.and.braidswith wearing her @luxyhair extensions in gorgeous voluminous waves.

Beautiful wearing her extensions in gorgeous voluminous waves.

"3 peas in a pod "

Little wrinkly butts-- too cute

Dogo Argentino , ears cropped uncropped

Dogo Argentino or Argentine Mastiff. Originally breed to hunt jaguars, their white coats reflect the heat of the sun. my all time favorite dog. too bad the breed is so expensive theyre never put up for adoption

Gorgeous Boxer!

despite their tough looking appearance, boxer are just the softest, most affectionate dogs around! -- this is an especially beautiful Boxer!


hate her face but I like this faded blue hair color

Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu, Cane Tosa Ken, Tosa T& Japanese Fighting Dog, Japanese Mastiff

Maria and Bruce's Daphne...every bit as cute as she looks!

Precious little boxer babies. the beauty is they are as precious when they are big and grown and still puppy like as when they're little precious boxer babies

Marta Matterazzo  on g+ ► Pictures of Animals

My favorite Big cat! Snow Leopard - photograph by Denise Soden