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Super cool Star Wars blanket I saw on tumblr! The patterns are linked on the tumblr post.

stitcherywitchery: “ All I have to say about this project is thank god it’s done! Double knitting a blanket is probably the most tedious thing I’ve done in my whole life.


the first time I pinned this on my tablet, nothing happened.> when I was about to pin it, it happened, and I was all like "wha." because I had no idea what was happening. I did it again, and now I understand.

pompous/pep - Google Search

Oh, that was a long time since I draw wolfs last time! O_o I really must learn them anatomy too. -_- Danny, Wulf, Walker, ghost guardians (c) Nickelodeon

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“ And I would waste away without you You’re the shine into my star I’d be searching till I found you Wherever you are… You are We’ll be Outlaws Partners in crime We’ll take on the world.