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the zipper pouch is made from fabric and has flowers on it
Flappy Coin Purse Tutorial
DIY Flappy Coin Purse Tutorial
a bag with lace on it sitting on top of a table
La scatola dei ricordi
Pretty lavender sachet.
four embroidered pillows with pink flowers on them
Bela Stitches
Bela Stitches: Cross-stitch / cross stitch
an organized closet with shoes and other items
17 propuestas para organizar los zapatos en casa
17 Propuestas para organizar los zapatos en casa
a handbag hanging on the wall with flowers and lace around it's edges
Love this embellished chic look tote.
a heart shaped purse with scissors and other items in it hanging from a hook on a wooden shelf
Such a lovely gift idea...could hold sewing items, knitting items, stationery, make up etc...may have to make some of these...