Wild Herbs & Flowers on Paros & Antiparos

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small yellow flowers growing on the side of a hill next to grass and bushes with long thin stems
Kingcup (Caltha palustris) bloom in April on #Paros. Beautiful! #flowers
a small pink flower is growing in the woods
#Ocrhids on Paros: there is a great variety of orchid species on the island.
a purple flower with yellow center surrounded by green leaves and grass in the background is a wire fence
Cistus incanus (Λαδανιά) A medicinal #plant w. antibacterial & cell-growing activity. Starts blooming in February on #Paros & #Antiparos #Greece @Visit Greece @Greek Islands @Wonderful Greece
a single purple flower is in the grass
Wild anemones bloom all around during this time of the year on #Paros #Greekislands #wildflowers @Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
a close up of a flower with rocks in the background
Οριχιδέα, Φεβρουάριος στην Πάρο • Wild Orchids, Febr. on #Paros #Greekislands
a purple flower sitting on top of a lush green field next to the water's edge
Blooming season on #Paros Island for Mandrake plants (genus: Mandragora). Beautiful but toxic! #wildflowers #greece
purple flowers growing out of the ground next to a tree
The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts Aegean Center for the Fine Arts
Cyclamen - #WildFlower blooming in November
a hay bale sitting in the middle of a field
Harvest on May, #Paros, #Greece, #Nature
an orange flower with green leaves in the background
Photo: Stauros Niflis
a field full of red flowers under a blue sky
Paros | https://www.facebook.com/lifethinktravel
some very pretty green plants in the grass
15 March walk from Kostos to Asteras
Greek herb Faskomilo. #Paros, #Greece, #Nature
a close up of a flower on a plant with blurry background in the foreground
Flower #Paros, #Greece, #Nature
a purple flower is growing between two large rocks
The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts Aegean Center for the Fine Arts
Crocus #WildFlower blooming in November