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http://stores.ebay.com/Parthenon-Greek-Jewelry Handmade Jewelry from the Finest Workshops in Greece. Custom ordering available.
120 Pin106 Ακόλουθοι

Gerochristo Handmade Byzantine Cufflinks Silver and 18k Solid Gold

Details about Double Headed Eagle Byzantine Gold and Silver Cufflinks

Details about Sun Ρays 18k Gold Byzantine Pendant Necklace

Handmade Triple Stone Sapphire Band Ring 18k Solid Gold

Details about 14k Yellow Gold 8mm Lapis Lazuli Ball Stud Earrings

Details about 14k Solid Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Stud Earrings

Al'Oro: Gold Leaves and Star Stud Ear jacket Earrings

Details about Gerochristo: Handmade Long Drop Earrings Silver and 18k Solid Gold

Details about 18K Solid Yellow Gold Drop Dangle Earrings Yellow Double stone

Details about Leo Cable Half Hoop Handmade Earrings 18k Solid Gold