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I have nothing against Movie Potter fans, but really, you don't know what you're missing... :3

If you didn't read Harry Potter but watched the movies. It made me so mad that they left out the whole Kreacher being nice thing. That was one of my favorite things about that book.

The People in the world of Harry Potter: (1) Purebloods (2) Half-Bloods (3) Muggle-Borns a.k.a. Mudbloods (4) squibs (5) Deatheaters (6) Dursleys

I'm a Pureblood. (And proud of it!) My mom's a Squib. My dad's a Squib. My little sisters a Muggle-Born. My older brother is a Dursley. Most of my friends are Dursley. That is why i am such a Deatheater when i talk to them. I am weird.

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Harry Potter was saved by a mother's love more than once. Harry may not of had his mother but he had a lot of comfort from mother like figures. Whenever Harry needed comfort it was always from a mother figure.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter my family stickers :P .The only way to make my family stickers less lame.