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a lake with trees in the background and a bible verse written on it that says, let
The Reason | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz
a cross on top of a wooden fence with the words god is like oxygen you can't see him but you need him to survive
This is how much you need #God.....
a painting with the words draw heart to god and he will draw near to you
Draw Near to God Canvas Art - Jennifer Pugh (24 x 24)
a quote from c s lewis about looking down on things
C.S. Lewis
an open book with the words give all your worriess and cares to god for he cares for you 1 peter 5 7
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#specialneeds #strength #faith #woman
a bench sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a foggy sky
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Spiritual Inspirations
a black and white photo with the words faith on it
a quote from the bible that reads, tears are prayers too they travel to go when we can't speak
When we can't speak..
an open book with red marker on it and the words klove afternoon show
a poem written in black ink on yellow paper with the words, note to self anything god allows into my life has a purpose he wastes nothing i will wait
a heart with the words when we know god's heart, we will never question his will