Smaug Paper Art

Smaug coming out of the pages of The Hobbit // I am torn between being awestruck at the level of skill, and hating whoever did this to a wonderful book. < It would be amazing if he had a sare 'Hobbit' cover or something, and glued it on a horrible book.

"Scholars' Tower" by juliedillon [=> ]

Scholars' Tower by juliedillon on deviantART. I have to say that Julie Dillon is one of my favourite artists. Libraries, cats and strange bronze machinery - what is not to like?


Ice palace - The Kingdom of Tonophria in the north is beneath the ice. Accessible by tunnels and hidden passages going down, there is nothing but an expanse of ice reminicent of Antartica above. Possibly one of the most interesting Kingdoms in the saga.

Castle from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Fairy tale fashion fantasy in white. Castlevania Lords of shadow concept art

Best Horse Pictures gallery of digital art. I scan homepages of digital artists all over the world for horse pictures (artworks) and publish the best ones on the site.

Wizard. I should make a story with a wizard. @Cyare Tal do you have a story with one??

Order Adept by Craig Spearing

Carved Book Landscapes

New Carved Book Landscapes par Guy Laramee - Journal du Design


Dark Fantasy Concept Art by Alexandr Komarov

Tolkien on Bliss:

Ted Nasmith: Tuor reaches the Hidden City of Gondolin