Maria Pavlou

Maria Pavlou

Love travelling above all!
Maria Pavlou
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Mykonos, Greece. Oh the land of Greece

Alley cafe to the sea - Mykonos, Greece. I would live in Mykonos if I could! such a beautiful place! I wanna go back!


Sea Stairs - Santorini, Greece - Photo by Dennis Barloga

Chance & Apartment 34 Inspiration : Greece

I miss summer! right now i want to in the middle of the ocean on a boat. sadly, i can't do an amazing flip like this girl but i'll settle for just jumping!

Chance & Apartment 34 Inspiration : Greece (Santorini, Greece)

Ocean View, Santorini, Greece (The water is as blue and clear as this picture)

Chance & Apartment 34 Inspiration : Greece (Mykonos)

Myconos, Greece McHardy McHardy Ellis remember our beach wedding for floral design it was going to be here?


Greece Cyclades Therassia interiors architecture by Costis Psychas via Elle Decor arch ocean view white stucco patio

Denim on denim

Every day outfit. Janessa Leone hat from Barney's, Levi denim shirt from Urban Outfitters, Current Elliott denim, Alexander McQueen tote.

Bright summer dress. - My Fash Avenue

Contrast color ex. Bright Yellow Dress, purple and yellow sandals, contrast turquoise bag, Italian street style. Now that's what I call a spring-summer look!

Texture + classic stripes

tailored shorts + button up


Black pants, brown shirt, brown leather bag, oxford shoes HER HAIR