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Blooming Bulbasaurs - Aww post

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The guide to Mino Monsters

OMEGGADON by Darksilvania on DeviantArt

OMEGADDON [PRIMAL GROUDON+YVELTAL] -Ground/Dark -The Catastrophy Pokemon -Ability: Ground Zero "DARK, FIRE and GROUND moves are powered up, WATER and GR... OMEGGADON


Those blue flames...!! Who could it be battling?!~ - Painting took roughly 15hrs. Long time no see guys! Just returned from Japan and got to ... THE ARMORED TYRANT - MEGA AGGRON

Carbon Claws

Fakemon-”sona” based on types voted for on my private twitter! Steel/poison is kind of an odd combo, and would suffer a 4x weakness to Ground, but otherwise not too shabby a mon! I like to imagine...

New PokeMon on Twitter

“FREE UNLIMITED #PokemonGO #Coins ONLY THIS WEEK! #Pokecoins #Pokestop…”

Pokemon Fauna exclusives 060 and 061 by Arteses-Canvas on DeviantArt

#060 Quetzap: The fast zapping pokemon, Quetzap are not strong flyers, they only have enough energy to fly short distances. If a Quetzap is threatened i... Pokemon Fauna exclusives 060 and 061

Toby Allen on Twitter

“Thank you for so much love on the Gen1 starter reboots! I couldn't leave out lil' Pikachu could I? This reboot design is inspired by the mythical Raijū. #MakePikachuChonkAgain #Pokemon #Pikachu”

Day 621 C - Black Kyurem by AutobotTesla on DeviantArt

Day 621 C - Black Kyurem | ブラックキュレム Kyurem was once a complete dragon, but when its two other be... Day 621 C - Black Kyurem

まにの🦅 on Twitter


Trapir | Implin. An odd evolution line I made. Trapir is Ground while Implin is Ground and Fairy type (IG: @trainerlouie)

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Essas artes do Bulbasaur inspiradas na natureza é tudo o que você precisa ver hoje! - Burn Book

Já imaginou se a planta existente nas costas do Bulbassauro fosse diferente de um para o outro?

Giratina Altered Form Vector! by Alpha-mon on DeviantArt

This vector piece is for my next Pokemon Card Play Mat since its been requested so much. I copied the pose from a sketch I really liked but for the life... Giratina Altered Form Vector!

Henry Vargas on Instagram: “Gigantamax Blastoise . . . . #pokemon #blastoise #pokemonswordshield #pokemongo #nintendo #art #fanart #3dart #3dmodeling #zbrush…”

2,669 Likes, 13 Comments - Henry Vargas ( on Instagram: “Gigantamax Blastoise . . . . #pokemon #blastoise #pokemonswordshield #pokemongo #nintendo #art…”