Periklis Dialynas

Periklis Dialynas

Periklis Dialynas
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Me encanta la distribución de la cocina, desayunador, lavandería...  ~ Great pin! For Oahu architectural design visit

Make master smaller and increase family room. Reconfigure master bath and closets to make the 2 beds bigger. Pantry separate room linked to utility. Big linen closet and ironing space somewhere near beds.

Abbinamenti Zuppa con Vino e Birra

Use out wine and beer soup pairing infographic to find drink pairings for 15 of the most popular soups in the US. See wine and beer soup pairings now!

A little inter-sensory reference material for the office wall. (Not especially architectural, but I'm sure many architects would heartily approve...)

I included this on my scotch board although they did spell whisky wrong. In case you don't know Scotch is spelled whisky, Irish and American is spelled whiskey.

Scotch anyone???? Make that a double.....Scotch Whiskey, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ole Smoky Distillery's Peach Moonshine captures the sweetness of this southern summer favorite and bottles it up for sipping straight, over ice or mixed in a cocktail.