Coolwhip, Strawberry and Jello fast desert recipe

Coolwhip, Strawberry and Jello fast desert recipe. Also a good idea for something a little more "fancy." To make this a Christmas Treat add a layer of Lime Jello once the Strawberry has set. Top with Cool Whip!

Crispy, chewy, extra rich: How do you like yours? #greatist

The Best Way to Make Every Kind of Chocolate Chip Cookie

This is nostalgic AF.

Baked Alaska

I’m making Mr Warbucks’s favourite. Kentucky fried chicken, potatoes and baked Alaska!

Λαχταριστή μους σοκολάτας  με 2 μόνο υλικά!

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Υπέροχο cheesecake με σοκολάτα Mars και Maltesers

With that in mind, I decided to be a little bit creative and experiment with this Mars Bar and Malteser Cheesecake I had been thinking about for…

Μπουκίτσες με Maltesers και Mars

Malteser Mars Bar Slice - Mars Bars and Maltesers are Australian favourites, so it only makes sense to combine the two into one deliciously chocolate slice!

Φανταστική σοκολατόπιτα με καρύδια

:pastry studio: Double Chocolate Cake ~ an adapted recipe to make a smaller batch, a single layer of the famous Epicurious Double Chocolate Layer Cake mmm

Υπέροχα σε εμφάνιση, πανεύκολα στην προετοιμασία και καταπληκτικά σε γεύση!

Pontian potato Piroshki - These Piroshki are vegan potato pies. Wonderful in appearance, quick to prepare and great in taste!

Τούρτα MALTESERS από τις   «Γλυκές Τρέλες»  !

Amazing Maltesers Cake Recipe Do you feel like you want to make something to please your taste buds? Why not make your very own amazing maltesers cake! You can give this to your special someone or share it with your friends. Ingredients: For the cake:

Γλυκό γιαουρτιού με ζελέ φράουλα. 'Ενα ελαφρύ γλυκό ψυγείου , δροσερό και εύκολο!

Γλυκό γιαουρτιού με ζελέ φράουλα. 'Ενα ελαφρύ γλυκό ψυγείου , δροσερό και εύκολο!