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70+ Smoothies You Need In Your Life This Summer

With warmer weather on the horizons I can’t help but start thinking about my favorite smoothie recipes. From breakfast to snack time or even a pick me up after a workout or time spent outside, you can never really have too much smoothie.

Air & Fabric Freshener - This is a 'fake febreze' recipe that I love! It has the fabric softener for scent (which you can buy in so many more cents than fabreze!) and the baking soda for odor elimination. The coloring will come from whatever hue your softener contains. Again, most of this is JUST WATER, amazing how much we're spending for a few ounces of cleaner and a bottle full of water, huh?

Air & Fabric Freshener Recipe~~~ (With Printable Label on website) Recipe:== * 1 oz. of Scented Fabric Softener * 2 Tbs. Baking Soda * Fill remaining space with Water ~~~Febreeze recipe with fabric softner for scent and baking soda for odor elimination!