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Your ideal choice of Kytherian accommodation...

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A few of the perks of staying at the Pelagia Aphrodite hotel. The luxury of a private beachfront, the sound of the waves is hush, its lullaby will put you to sleep. Wake up to a magical sunrise.Endless hours of complete relaxation in a soothing peaceful environment . Indulge homegrown organic produce from our farm such as freshly peeled figs, marmalade, wine.

lay back and enjoy the sky!

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Pelagia Aphrodite Hotel

room with a view .. experience endless tranquility..

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The beauty of a private beach! Just grab your towel from The Gift Shop and you are at the beach! #pelagiaaphroditehotel


Agia Pelagia (Αγία Πελαγία)

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Sunrise at Pelagia Aphrodite Hotel // Agia Pelagia // Kythira Island