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Hanging my product like this is a good idea, because it is simple, however I am unsure on how much weight it can carry, or maybe I could get a very strong string/rope that would be able to carry my product.

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Funny Face Flip Book // #diy #crafts #flipbook

Print out pictures of yourself / friends / family / famous people. do it in your sketch book cutting the pages.

Autumn tree

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Autumn tree- I like how each child can make a slightly different version

watch video: how to make: see more:

Cubism Autumn (krokotak)

Fall arts and crafts cubist fall project autumn art for kids drawing projects elementary art

Cubism Autumn

Cubism Autumn - cute craft idea, can do it in any season, spring flowers, winter snowflake, summer sunset.

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Glitter pencil name tags/cards ( 3 diff sizes) | Top Teacher - Innovative and creative early childhood curriculum resources for your classroom

3 different sized pencil name tage& 10 small sized per page pencils for name 5 medium sized per 2 large pencils per page.I like to use the big templates for my kid& baskets and