Penny Panagiotidou

Penny Panagiotidou

Penny Panagiotidou
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The orange really pops in this tiny kitchen.

Omg love this! A good fix for those ugly apartment cabinets! Liquid starch is used to adhere fabric to apartment-grade cabinets. (These are easily removable when you leave.) from the book "Living in a Nutshell".

Tiny House kitchen, nice work triangle.

Wood Floors in the Kitchen, White cabinets and light blue on upper walls. Me: Love the color palette of white and gray-blue with the rustic hardwood floors. Love the color of those floors and the width of the boards.

Wallpapers of House HD, 0.1 Mb, Sachiko Gobble

House to Home House to home is a distant dream. Having a house may seem easy. But making it a home involves lots of efforts. It needs lo.

High Definition Cool House Pictures HD Wallpapers

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