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Daddy Cool!: Σπιτικο ροφημα για να απαλλαγειτε απο την κυτταριτιδα με 3 φυσικα υλικα!

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has become well-known in European Union for a long time, and it is gradually working its way into the United States mainstream as both a practical fitness and therapy…

Cancer does not discriminate.  It takes anyone it chooses, no matter who you are, and we all pray for a cure to all cancers!!

Live to see the day cancer fucking disappears completely. In the mean time, have faith. It worked for me and Its a blessing that my mom's a cancer survivor. Big props to the One above. :-)>> lots of people I know are dying of cancer rn. I hate it




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Jeff Rowland is a professional British painter who entered the fine art industry in 1984 having studied art at North Tyneside College. He had further studied at Newcastle in 2000 where he earned an HND in advertising/illustration.