Iphone projector! This is so cool!!

WOWee and MicroVision offer 200-inch viewing and 'booming sound' on your mobile

WOWee and MicroVision offer 200 inch viewing and 'booming sound' on your mobile -- Engadget

The 100 Best iPad Apps.

The Best iPad Apps of 2017

The 100 Best iPad Apps: Marketers Edition

Eyn iPhone Storage Case

iPhone 5 Storage Case by Eyn

Black, Case for iPhone with built-in storage space for credit cards/ID/money by EYN (Everything You Need): Cell Phones & Accessories --- now if someone would just give me an iphone to put it in it LOL

Quick Sketching in Color-1 Cathy Johnson

Cathy Johnson watercolor series plus bonuses, especially useful

iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector; use alone or with the tripod; projects on any flat surface @ Sharper Image

Help him better enjoy streaming his football matches online with this iPhone/iPad pocket projector.

Transparent Speaker! Looks so...futuristic!

Transparent Speaker

PEOPLE PEOPLE is raising funds for Transparent Speaker on Kickstarter! A beautiful Transparent Speaker with high quality audio components and materials.

iPhone 6 concept!

iPhone 6 concept inspired from iPod Nano and Nokia Lumia – VIDEO Apple’s next flagship device is expected to be introduced in

Flexible Smartphones

Samsung Stretches Lineup

Samsung begins flexible AMOLED display production this November? See apple samsung is amazing and innovative.your just scared samsung will vastley surpass you.

Cel mai cool robot...ever!

Cel mai cool robot...ever!

9 portrete perfecte!

There's something mesmerizing about eyes that we just can't seem to get enough of and now AtomiccircuS, aka Dino Tomic, can be added to our growing list of

Schimbam tastatura normala cu cea virtuala!

The Virtual Keyboard. This is the Bluetooth device that projects a laser-generated keyboard onto any flat, opaque surface, providing an instant keyboard for iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. Technology these days. Woah I want this.

Uite aici: Tastatura lavabila!

Logitech Washable Keyboard Makes a Splash. Kid spill and coffee proof! Logitech Washable Keyboard Makes a Splash. Kid spill and coffee proof!

Aparatul Lego!

if i was gonna do medium format this would be the way to go. Legotron Medium Format Camera Built From Lego Bricks by Cary Norton

Watch Arc Array de la Microsoft!

Watch Arc Array de la Microsoft!