Some people think of dyslexia as a learning issue that only involves reading. But brain differences associated with dyslexia can make a number of tasks difficult. Here's an overview of skills and behaviors dyslexia can affect.

Skills That Can Be Affected by Dyslexia

Dyslexia - If you have employees, or have candidates in the recruitment process, here's a quick guide to the variety of skills that can be affected by dyslexia. Some you may not have considered in workplace situations.

Dyslexia, really cool visual! More

Dyslexia Mind Map (Created in PowerPoint). This list of difficulties is not exhaustive but is a flavour of some of the issues that can affect students with dyslexia.

Infographic | 10 warning signs of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is the most prevalent learning difficulty today, affecting up to of all students, and it's much more complex than "reading backwards".

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Although kids with nonverbal learning disabilities have a large vocabulary, they can struggle academically and socially over time. See how the symptoms evolve over your child's lifetime.

How the Symptoms of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities Change Over Time

Amazing idea- monster man!! Helps with phonics, literacy lessons and even numeracy lessons!

Ricca's Kindergarten: Letter Monster Swatter - So cute for a morning message/shared reading etc. Brining an emphasis on a letter as opposed to a word.

"Provide foot rests, seat cushions or resistance bands to satisfy the need for movement. - Use an assignment notebook. - Give the student a lesson outline.

How to Help a Student with Dyslexia Learn How to Read

Here you'll find many practical ideas and strategies to help students with a learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, learn to read and spell. How to help students with reading disabilities learn how to read better

Ένα παραμύθι για να μάθουμε τις λέξεις με διπλά σύμφωνα |

Ένα παραμύθι για να μάθουμε τις λέξεις με διπλά σύμφωνα |