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Takis Papanastasiou

Takis Papanastasiou
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How to set up a VPN (and why you should)

Infographic: How To Set Up a VPN (and Why You Should)No matter how secure you believe your internet connection is, hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated in the ways they access people's personal information. Only through encryption, hiding your

Dumbbell armpit row. A compound pull exercise. Muscles worked: Lateral deltoid, Posterior Deltoid, Supraspinatus, Brachialis, Brachioradialis, Biceps Brachii, Middle and Lower Trapezii, Serratus Anterior, Infraspinatus, and Teres Minor. Also known as the dumbbell raise.

The dumbbell armpit row is a rare exercise that targets your lateral deltoid. Your posterior deltoid and various arm and back muscles act as synergists.

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Become the ultimate push up queen with our 30 day challenge! Each day we give you a new push up variation to complete. See your shoulders, biceps and triceps grow stronger each day as you complete the daily push up challenge.