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the painting on the ceiling depicts jesus surrounded by birds
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Bukowski, Sveti Georgije, Church Icon
an icon of the virgin mary and child jesus
Orthodox icons byzantine Saint Barbara icon greek orthodox icon byzantine icon birthday, name-day gift baptism gift home gift
Copy of orthodox Byzantine icons with aging technique. Saint Barbara Αγία Βαρβάρα The pictures are 22 * 28 cm (8.66 * 11.02 inches) and the wood is 16 mm (0.63 in) thickness. Perimeter there is a flange In the end we add 2 eco-friendly hands of finish. All the images are handmade and we can make the saint you want on request. Feel free to contact us to get the image you want exclusively for you. On the back there is a special hook to hang the image and a sticker certifying that the image is a t
an image of the saint patrick in gold and green robes with a staff, holding a cane
Икона Святого Пророка Аарона
an icon depicting the crucifixion of jesus and his family, with other icons
Собор святых Русской Церкви
an icon depicting the life and times of saint nicholas, who is depicted in this painting
The New Romanian Masters: Innovative Iconography in the Matrix of Tradition
a white dove with its wings spread out in front of the words, kalahoa
Иконописная мастерская Ника Киев | купить иконы, семейные, мерные, храмовые, иконостасы