I have the hammock and beautiful handcrafted blanket...all i need are the pillows!

Boho hammock perfectly positioned to catch the afternoon breeze. A must have for anyone who has a verandah

♡ Bohemian Love ♡ <span class="EmojiInput mj61" title="Victory Hand"></span>

I feel like this is my personality summed up in one picture. Pony tail, sitting in a field, writing in a journal, camping pack, water bottle and travel mugs in the back ground. Such a modestly beautiful shot

Gorgeous shot with bubbles + sunlight. Must try this effect soon.

It's the little things that make us happy - like sitting on the beach, sun on your shoulders and bubbles!

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.  ~Mother Teresa

This photo captures multiple hands creating a peace sign TOGETHER. Witout one person the hand sign would not work, but as a whole it creates a lovely, meaningful image.

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"a girl with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair" -Led Zeppelin (Going to California)

Sunset picnic; lets do this? ;)

Labor Day: Are You Ready for the Weekend?

This kind of love.

Perfect Brian but I want the wife to have the darker blond hair thats on the ends. Love that as Brian though.