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the woman is holding a book in her hands while sitting on a couch with other people
Crabtree & Evelyn a 1970’s Christmas
Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas 2018 - Sibling & Co.
Urban flower shop brand green background and black and white flower image
Lara Scarr Design | Logo & Visual Identity for Urban Flower Shop
Late Bloomers Urban Flower shop branding business cards on dark green textured background. Logo is in foil on black and white floral business cards. Layout Design, Web Design, Branding Design, Identity Design, Brand Logo Design, Branding Design Logo, Brand Concept
Lara Scarr Design | Logo & Branding for an Urban Flower Shop
the words flower shop slogans are in white on a blue background with an arrow
680+ Best Flower Slogans and Taglines (Generator + Guide)
A florist completes an assortment of things in a retail bloom shop. The primary concern is orchestrating blossoms.Here are flower shop Slogans & Taglines
the wild petals logo is shown in black and yellow, with other logos below it
Wild Petals | Florist Brand Design
Unveiling the captivating logo variations and brand design of Wild Petals, a beloved family-owned florist in Notting Hill. Embrace the beauty and elegance as flowers intertwine with a fresh and vibrant touch. Let the enchanting visuals transport you to a world of blooming possibilities. #WildPetals #LogoDesign #BrandIdentity
an open pink box with flowers in it
the wild petals book is laying on top of a yellow background with black and white writing
Wild Petals | Florist Brand Design
Tissue paper and label design for family owned florist, Wild Petals. Fresh, Vibrant and Bold Branding for this London based flower business. #brandidentity #logodesign #graphicdesign #logo #branddesigner #branding #brandidentitydesign
a woman arranging flowers in front of a mirror with the words larra's british blooms
feminine alphabet florist business logo
a bouquet of pink tulips in a paper cone with a name tag on it
Brand Identity Concept: Abloom - Branding Design | Florist Mock Up
a bouquet of flowers in a shopping bag on top of a white block with the word aoewe printed on it
a bouquet of flowers wrapped in a green wrap
Jacquemus Is Opening a Floral Pop-Up Store
flowers are wrapped in green and white paper