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Little Lyre
Sasando, traditional musical instruments of East Nusa Tenggara
Music / ♪♫ Didgeridoo ♪♫
The đàn gáo ("coconut shell lute") is a bowed string instrument, a part of the traditional Vietnamese orchestra. It is similar to the đàn hồ.[1] The instrument originated from South Viet Nam, and is used in entertainment contexts. It can be played alone, as part of an orchestra, or to accompany cải lương (Vietnamese folk opera). Tập tin:Dangao.jpg
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Doppelgitarre von Alexandre Voboam aus dem Jahr 1690;  Inv. Nr.: SAM_53
Africa | Musical instrument ~ Harp from the Ngbaka people of DR Congo | Early 20th century | Wood, hide and pigment
Fiddle (husla) -       18th century. Germany. MFA
HORNPIPE (19th century). A specific instrument or a class of woodwind instruments consisting of a single reed, a small diameter melody pipe with finger holes and a bell traditionally made from animal horn. Additionally, a reed cap of animal horn may be placed around the reed to contain the breath and allow circular breathing for constant play, although in many cases the reed is placed directly in the mouth. It was also known as the pibcorn, pibgorn, or piccorn. One rare Scottish example…
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