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a woman walking down the street with an umbrella over her head, in front of a building
Using Symmetry for Next-Level Photography
Essential tips for better photos with symmetry.
people are walking around in the middle of a building with large tiles on it's walls
Using Symmetry for Next-Level Photography
Wouldn't it be great if there was one weird trick that could guarantee a great photo every time? Sounds like a gimmick that's too good to be true—but symmetry just might be that secret sauce your photos need...
the pexels guide to finding creative inspiration
How to Stop Mindlessly Scrolling and Find Real Inspiration
Feeling uninspired? This is your essential guide to uncovering fresh photography ideas in unexpected places: from using Instagram in new ways, to hunting down creative offline inspiration.
the beach with text overlaying how to make the most of leading lines
Photo Tutorial: Make the Most of Leading Lines
Take your compositions to the next level with these tips for effective use of leading lines.