Single fin surfboard art--I dig the look of delicate Dutch tea china, or is is japonica? I dunno that girlie stuff too much, just know this is freaking awesome!

single fin surfboard by Peter Walker (painted by Stephen Bowers)


"A Superb example of ink illustration and line art. See how the ink lines flow and the whole piece sees harmony and peace with the Lions face! I love this piece of artwork! A lion that reminds me of Aslan with a mane with hair and flowers.

colleen gnos "The Kiss" - just got this print for my anniversary & LOVE it. Maybe someday I can get the original on the surfboard??? A girl can dream!!

"The Kiss," A mermaid surfboard Inspired by my grandfather, an Abalone Diver who only got seasick above the water. Orig pinners story Above, not mine, Jessica