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an image of a dining room with red curtains
Curtains on curved board
an old fashioned lamp with three lit candles on it and a clock in the background
How to switch out a plug on an awesome old lamp.
a white coat rack with musical notes hanging on it's sides in a yellow room
My husbsnd made this Coat rack with prefab MDF wainscotting from Lowes. Love it.
a garden shed in the middle of a yard with flowers growing around it and trees
down the gardening path...
a small white shed sitting in the middle of a yard with potted plants on it
Three Ways to Design The She Shed of Your Dreams
a small red shed with a white door and window on the grass next to trees
How-To Choose an Attractive Color Scheme for Your Shed - Summerstyle
a small white shed with flowers in the windows
a small white house with red door and flowers on the front steps, surrounded by greenery
Farmhouse Front Porch
White farmhouse with red accents