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a painting of a person sitting on the ground with their arms crossed and hands folded
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a painting of a man holding a baby in his arms
LivingOnGrace on Instagram: "This time last year I was pregnant with my twin girls, little did I know what will happen three weeks later… They now rest in the arms of Jesus. Even though I have my challenging days, I couldn’t get through this loss without my faith. And that’s a beautiful sentiment. Knowing that my babies are resting in the arms of Jesus can bring a sense of comfort and peace during difficult times. It’s a reminder that they are in a place of love and eternal joy, free from any pain or suffering. So if you are carrying this heavy cross like me, take solace in the belief that they are safe and cared for, and hold onto the memories you shared with them close to your heart. @kevincardenart thanks for reading my request for creating this artwork. You always amaze me!"
a painting of jesus with children in the desert
Love Beyond Bloodlines - In Matthew 12:50, Jesus says, “For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” His teaching shows us that family extends beyond biology, encompassing those who share our faith and values. Embrace the love, care, and unity that Jesus calls us to share, nurturing connections with our extended family members and all those we hold dear. Is there a family member who could use a kind word, prayer, or helping hand today? Take a moment ...
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Companionship With Jesus
Walking with Jesus, side by side
a pencil drawing of two people with their faces close together, one holding the other's head
a painting of jesus holding a child in front of many other children, all smiling
Jesus with little children <3
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a drawing of jesus and the three children
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