Philippos Raftopoulos

Philippos Raftopoulos

Philippos Raftopoulos
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Image result for wood stove smoker plans

My DIY smoker in action made from wood burning stove and gas cylinder

The No - weld Double Barrel Smoker

The No-Weld Double Barrel DIY Smoker - full temperature control and detailed instructions

Food Truck: Como montar o seu negócio - Santiago Carretas

I like the idea of pulling it instead of driving it! That way we can bring more staff and extra supplies by pulling it in a van, the CRV, or even getting a truck

Caramel Apple Dip Recipe | Dessert Dip Recipe | Apple Recipe | Caramel Apple Recipe

A wonderful autumn dessert just has to be on your table. Prepare Caramel Apple Dip, an excellent dessert for hot tea. Apple Dip - an excellent option for home